Just going to leave this here for old times’ sake- the original version of Chasing Rubies! It’s amazing to see how much Harry & Alfie have grown as musicians in the past few years and I couldn’t be prouder of them, or happier to be able to call myself a fan :)

Be sure to check out the 2014 version of Chasing Rubies here :) 



Chasing Rubies - Hudson Taylor

this will be their new single, released 5th October!:)

What did you all think? I like it, I think its pretty similar to the old version we know and love, but more radio friendly

(but bye bye tadhg on violin ah) 

I wasn’t sure about the drums the first time I listened, but they’ve grown on me massively :) I love the fact it’s not too different from the original version :) also the cover art is perfect. 


Sophie Eggleton Interviews Hudson Taylor at Redfest

okay so people may have seen some of the posts about how the album is going to be pushed back. They have said in this interview that it’ll be early next year when it’s released (go to just after 12 minutes)