"Hi guys, we have decided to move the release date for the new single ‘Chasing Rubies’ back by two weeks, it will now be released October 19th. We have been incredibly busy playing festivals all summer and preparing for the Jake Bugg tour which starts at the end of the week, so wanted to be sure we had enough time to be able to promote it in the way we’d like. Thanks a mil to everyone who’s pre-ordered the single so far, we hope you don’t mind waiting a little longer to get the track!” x

This is almost the same time as Ben Howard’s album comes out! Going to be so excited
What happened to the boys' Twitter? I wanted to go on their twitter but apparently it got suspended? wHAT

Sorry I meant to reply to this earlier but someone phoned me! They don’t use @hudtaymusic anymore - the person with the @hudsontaylor twitter name gave it to them so they use that now :) xx

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Hudson Taylor - Holly (Original)

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Drink every time Harry and Alfie complete each other’s sentences.

Last Request - Paolo Nutini Cover - Heather and Harry