Leeds Student TV

We catch up with Leeds favorites Hudson Taylor after they performed at Leeds fest 2014

Here’s a little clip of Oísin, Harry, Alfie & Tadhg singing Dinner For One.

You can here a few people singing along at one point (one of whom would be me I am sorry I am sorry) and Bekah and I laughing at them getting stuck but I thought you guys would like this since its an oldie :)



Just been scoping out tumblr a bit last night and this morning. Gotta spend more time on it. Lots of fun going on here Hehehe.


Laughing at what I posted just before Harry was online last night…

Two of my housemates are having a bath together rn (they’re a couple) and meanwhile I’m sat in my room emailing my mum and scrolling down tumblr #singlelife

Can’t complain on twitter or my personal blog because they follow me

Lol at my life